About Me 

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Hi there! My name is Leah Zaidi. I'm the Foresight Lead at Accelerated by Design (previously the Senior Foresight Strategist at Gensler). As a practitioner, I create future-proof strategies, design preferred future states and business models, and oversee complex organizational change. I have worked with a variety of arts and culture, financial services, academia, government, and not-for-profit organizations. In June of 2019, I will collaborate with OCAD Unversity and UNESCO to deliver a Futures Literacy Lab initiative in Toronto.


In 2018, my research was recognized as one of the Most Significant Futures Work of 2017 by the Association of Professional Futurists. My paper examined the worldbuilding practices of science fiction authors, from which I derived a foresight model that can be used to deconstruct and reconstruct complex problems and design preferred future states.


Part of my practice includes creating experiential futures (situations and artefacts from the future) to help stakeholders understand the implications of complex emerging issues. I'm also the founder of the Toronto chapter of Speculative Futures, a Design Futures Initiative series.